Fix. Build. Make Better.
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about me

Hi, I'm Joe.

I am a builder, a maker, an artist, a husband and a father...not in that order.

for as long as i can remember, i have loved taking things apart, figuring out how they work and then making them better. i have always used my hands-- as a kid alongside my dad, learning how to fix a broken toaster, build a set of shelves or change a tire; as an art student and then studio artist, working in the mediums of painting and printmaking; as a young adult, working for a general contractor and gaining new skills in the field of home building; and now as a father with my 5 year old son, building a race track for his toy cars or a go-cart for him to "drive."

since 2006, i have run my own small contracting and handyman business in seattle, washington. in 2016,  my wife, son and i relocated to beautiful brattleboro, vermont, with the intention of building community and living a slower, more sustainable lifestyle. 
we are loving our lives here, and i look forward to building my business in such an amazing part of the country.